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Interviewing Kit


This Interviewing Guide will teach your staff and managers how to conduct interviews. Written in plain English, easy-to-understand and read.

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Interviewing can be a big waste of time if you don’t get what you need from it – for both you and the candidates. It’s something every hiring manager eventually has to do, usually learned on the fly. Preparation is critical, to select questions that target the traits and skills needed for success in the position.  And what about after the interview? Do you have a process to share the knowledge gained?

Giving your managers a suite of guides, templates and sample questions equips them to get the most out of the time they invest in interviewing.  Accompanying those tools with guidelines and a clear process lets you capture, keep and share what’s been learned so other managers can benefit from a pre-screened talent pool.

List of Templates in this Kit

  • Interviewing Guide
  • Delegate Confidentiality Agreement Script
  • Interview Schedule Form
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement for Exploratory Discussions
  • Phone Interview Questionnaire
  • Interview Questions
  • Q & A Style Panel Interview Questionnaire
  • Presentation-Style Panel Interview Questionnaire
  • Brochure for Interviewed Candidates
  • External Candidates Regrets Scripts
  • Internal Candidates Regrets Scripts
  • Process Guide for Staff – Interviewing

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