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HR Challenges in Pandemic Times

The global COVID-19 pandemic challenges HR professionals, business owners, employees and the whole society.

The results of COVID-19, originally called the coronavirus, disrupted organizations. Now it tests everyone on how to react immediately and rise up in the middle of a pandemic. This virus has touched and/or hurt every human being in some manner.

To begin with, under the Stay-at-Home orders COVID-19 has caused the loss of millions of jobs. It has also meant the end of countless businesses, all over the world.

Corollary developments during a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brings the need for HR to be at the forefront of ensuring success in sailing through this crisis — whether the crises is from sudden loss or gain.

When HR can maintain a company’s direction as the strong skyscraper, it functions as the central pillar of every manager and employee for both mental and emotional well-being, during times of loss and challenges.

On the flip side, some business have experienced exponential growth because their products are in high demand. Dealing with the resulting lack of personnel, management (re)structuring, work flow, and consumer demand issues then become the core of the HR business team.

Centrality of HR

HR is the central resource of any organization or company, balancing the employee’s welfare and financial status of the organization.

HR has been processing paperwork, defining policy matters around personnel, and providing solace to the millions of employees who have been fired or furloughed. In the meantime HR has been busy identifying special action plans and flex work methods to cope with the different office set-up, such as the Work from Home arrangement. Also, it oversees employees’ productivity despite the ongoing crisis.

The rapid policy changes and aftermath of changes from the usual transactions of normal HR are quite challenging.

How to get the best HR help

In these times of high business stress, High Spades Consulting can lighten the path of every (small) business.


High Spades Consulting specializes in encapsulating the roadmap to strategize around the possible long term effects now. We offer an affordable HR service to re-evaluate and re-implement new processes that align in the current situation.

High Spades Consulting offers a solution through:

  • studying the current business impacts and its effects on human resources
  • creating new guidelines and support to assist employees in handling and dealing with the rapid changes
  • keeping a healthy and motivating work environment
  • looking for more creative work solutions to best fit a business amid adversity and opportunity

You can count on the fact that High Spades Consulting will be by your side as your Business Partner! Email highspadesconsulting@gmail.com.


I'm proud to be a millennial having grown up as an Oregon native. My Gemini characteristics and innate tenacious abilites have garnered me with sufficient organizational development experience across a spectrum of industries. Dealing with ambiguity and constant change is what drives me to wake up everyday. Each role I've ever held had played into my strengths and abilities to light the way through organized chaos. All I know is how to embrace technology and I truly enjoy integrating it within the workforce to influence the flow of people and processes, which is what landed me in the world of project management and human resources. As an Organizational Development Consultant, I'm passionate about solving the challenges & opportunities associated with organizational knowledge transference in small to mid-size businesses, as they move towards becoming more complex enterprises. To that end, I am dedicated to providing an array of digital and agile transformation services to help pragmatically, incrementally, and safely introduce knowledge, change and project methodologies to best suit your industry.


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