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We help your organization comply with wage and hour regulations. Our Clients receive access to an overall compliance and employee classification audit tool. Audits by High Spades Consulting will have been tailored to address specific aspects of your HR program. High Spades Consulting provides business leaders with a clearer picture for progress.


Overtime regulations continue to be a hot topic for employers, and audits by lawyers and consultants can be costly, while a government-initiated audit, of course, can be financially devastating. The FLSA Audit process will help you comply with current law.

Your overall risk factor assessment
Areas of concern and tips on what to do next
An at-a-glance risk rating from minimal to severe in specific categories
Easy to use, step-by-step classification analysis
Exemption-by-exemption analysis of a particular employee or job


Fosters awareness on potential employee relations legalities

Retrieves department-specific policies to assess potential risk to remain compliant with federal, state and local laws, regarding employment

Focuses on the HR Foundation of the Organizational &/or Department-managed HR functions, activities, and stability

HR Only Audits & verifies employment records are compliant

HR Only Determines the compliance risk score of employment liabilities

Assesses potential risk to remain compliant with federal, state and local laws, regarding employment

Audits & verifies employment eligibility compliance

Shapes organization, align your employees and enhance engagement to improve business and personal performance

Identifies the HR Metrics used to determine the value & effectiveness of HR initiatives

Focuses on HR Service delivery provided to Stakeholders

Focuses on HR documents approved for consumption

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