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Gloria Coleman.

Founded High Spades to focus on transforming organization systems and aligning their human resource functions to be more streamlined in their employee lifecycle processes. Having worked across various industries, she has gained extensive organizational development experience and skills to propel her in a fast-paced world. She’s proud to be a summer solstice millennial and an Oregon Native.

Organizational Development Consultant.

Highly-responsive with a plethora of resources.

Qualifying your needs to better understand how I can help.

Encourage an agile approach to finding solutions and creating a framework.

Explore ways to reduce risk and put money back into your business.

Honesty and transparency is embedded in my business practices to give you confidence from the onset.

Gloria Coleman

Years of experience


Successful projects


Hours of training delivered


Global Certifications


A desire to analyze, learn and continuously improve processes excites me, the outcome is just a bonus.


You want a partner that you can trust to find the right solution for your needs; one that understands that your time is valuable, and cares about getting your projects delivered.


Using effective approaches to learning with embedding interactive faciliation that is inclusive and full of laughter!


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457 BigBlue Street, NY 10013
(315) 5512-2579

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