Understanding COBRA/HIPAA for Supervisors


The main objective of this session is to give supervisors an overview of COBRA and HIPAA and train them to understand the effects of the two laws, understand an employee’s continuation rights when terminated, recognize a qualifying event under COBRA, know the length of continuation coverage, help keep your company compliant with healthcare information privacy requirements, make sure healthcare information is secure, and inform employees of their rights.

Why “Understanding COBRA/HIPAA for Supervisors” Matters:

Understanding how COBRA and HIPAA affect health insurance will help supervisors manage employees more effectively and ensure that the actions they take are compliant with the law.

Key Points:

  • COBRA provides continuing health coverage,
  • Continuing coverage is temporary,
  • COBRA notice requirements cover employers and employees,
  • HIPAA covers information privacy and security,
  • Privacy policies and procedures must be in place, and
  • Business associates are covered by HIPAA.

What Will I Learn?

  • In addition to this training course content, you get a complete course, and our entire training solution that includes administrator tools, reports, and analysis.

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